The Hometown Candidate

Tricia (Lowe) Danto was raised in this vibrant community, and she has witnessed its growth and transformation firsthand. Her unwavering dedication to The Woodlands and its residents is at the core of her campaign.

As a mother of small children and the daughter of retired parents, Tricia intimately understands our diverse community’s needs and challenges. Her commitment to addressing these issues is unwavering, ensuring that every resident’s voice is heard and represented.

As the President of The Cochran’s Crossing Village Association and Chairman of The Cochran’s Crossing Residential Design Review Committee, Tricia brings invaluable experience to the Township. Her leadership in these critical community organizations has given her unique insights into how The Woodlands operates.

Tricia’s career as an auditor for a leading accounting firm has provided her with a solid financial foundation. Her focus on real estate and governmental clients, including the City of Houston and Fannie Mae, guarantees she can address vital financial matters affecting our community.

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Meet Tricia Danto

Tricia Danto is from The Woodlands, TX, and stands firmly against incorporation. 

Just before The Woodlands’ first big expansion in the 1990s, Tricia Lowe’s parents moved their family to Texas. Back then, our hometown was anticipating the opening of its first movie theater and a mall, and the ‘Lighting of the Doves’ took place in the middle of Woodlands Parkway! Newspapers detailed a Town Center and pavilion expansion and new restaurants! The whole community was involved and residents were excited to share and explore these new landmarks together.  EVERYONE was included, Tricia was thrilled to play with The Woodlands High School (TWHS) Band at the opening ceremony for the mall! It was the biggest event and she had a front-row seat!

After graduating from TWHS, like so many Highlanders, Tricia attended Texas A&M University. Graduating summa cum laude with a BBA in Accounting and a MS in Finance, Tricia accepted a coveted position with a top 4 accounting firm and found herself based in Washington, DC., where she met Jeff Danto. The couple married and moved to Chicago, IL., so Jeff could pursue a Master’s Degree at Northwestern University. In 2011, after Jeff’s graduation, and the birth of their first daughter, they moved ‘home’ to The Woodlands. Today the Dantos are a family of 5, their twin daughters were born in 2013, and the family is all about sports, music, and school. Tricia’s parents, now retired, still live in The Woodlands and love having grandchildren nearby!   

Tricia is a strong woman.  As a young mom, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  At age 39, following more than 100 monthly infusions for MS treatment, and now a mother of three, Tricia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. A double mastectomy later, she is cancer-free and even more motivated to live her best life, here in The Woodlands. 

Tricia is an advocate and a voice, not only for her daughters, but for other families too! She has served on the Deretchin Elementary PTO board, volunteered with multiple charity and community organizations, and is currently the President of The Cochran’s Crossing Village Association and Chairman of the village’s Residential Design and Review Committee. 

The Woodlands must remain a Township. It’s why Tricia chose now, to run for a seat on the Township board. The Woodlands is a special place. Today we have a more diverse population than we did back in the beginning. We have single people, families and retired residents, all whom need to be represented and know there are events and opportunities designed with them in mind. Growth is inevitable, but we must ensure we never lose our heritage, that hometown feeling. Tricia felt it growing up in The Woodlands, more than 30 years ago and wants you and your family to forever feel at home here, too.


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